Regain Joy

When asked, “What do you want most in life?” most people answer, “Happiness.” It’s a simple and vague answer, but it is a universal concept that we all agree on.  Nobody wants to be unhappy. Nobody needs to be unhappy.

Depression makes it hard to find joy or pleasure in things that you once enjoyed. It is common to feel sad and tired and you may feel little to no desire to go about your day. With depression, symptoms can linger for weeks or months, which can have a significant impact on your social, emotional, and overall health. But depression doesn’t only affect the person suffering. Relationships, including those with friends and family, are usually impacted by the symptoms of depression.

In the same way that depression affects more than just the sufferer, treatment for depression helps everyone involved. Once your loved one is in a happier place, you’ll find you will be, too. The services provided by A Wiser Mind can help everyone find more joy!

Reclaim Confidence

Our minds are what makes us who we are. Diminishing emotional, physical or mental capacity can cause us to feel like we are losing a part of who we are. Therapy with the geriatric specialists of A Wiser Mind, may help you gain cognitive stability and gain appreciation for what is still possible in your life. When conditions of cognitive decline are present, our therapists can help you “rewire” your brain to rely on stronger parts while working to restrengthen the weaker ones. In many instances, self-confidence can be reclaimed.

When confidence has been shaken, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the abilities and strengths that you have. Working with a licensed therapist will help you to increase your self-awareness so that you can celebrate even the smallest achievements. We want you to be confident in your abilities to approach and manage everyday tasks.

We also want you to feel confident in your encounters and relationship with your therapist. AWM therapists are specially trained in therapeutic methods (including our own proprietary Brain Activation Therapy) so that they can help you achieve the best results possible. Your therapist will guide you through activities based on your strengths and weaknesses. They can be challenging tasks, but your therapist will assess your unique, individual abilities and will never set you up for failure. We are here to BUILD your confidence, not take it away.

With improved confidence comes improved trust. Family members, friends, and caretakers often find themselves in tough positions as health changes begin to impact their loved ones. Relationships can become rocky as uncertainty and mistrust set in. Our therapists can help to make sense of the changes and problems that arise. We can help to repair and strengthen relationships that have become strained so that you can build an allegiance with your loved one, based on mutual trust.

Find Peace

Sometimes, everyday life causes too much stress
Whether it’s just watching the nightly news, moving into a new home, being in unfamiliar surroundings, or changes in health; everyday situations that can be stressful. For someone suffering from anxiety or depression, these situations can cause severe unrest. With anxiety or adjustment disorders (this may be an unfamiliar term, but we’ll explain below), it is not uncommon to see withdrawal or isolation, which can have a major impact on emotional wellbeing and cognitive function, not only for the individual, but for the caregivers and the family.

Talk therapy can help you find peace and normality when you feel like you’ve lost control. It is particularly helpful when dealing with isolation and withdrawal so that you can get back to enjoying friends and family. Being social and active are great ways to maintain a happy and healthy self, both physically and emotionally, but if your feelings are keeping you from engaging with life, family and friends, you may need to first work with a counselor to get to a point where social engagement appears attractive.

A Wiser Mind’s therapists can help navigate through trying, confusing, and overwhelming times to help you find peace and comfort. We will give you the tools to manage stress and worry on your own and will be your biggest supporter as you journey from one stage in life to another.

Explore wiser ways of finding your peace, rebuilding connections and elevating the quality of life for yourself or someone in your care.

Strengthen Memories

A series of photographs doesn’t define your life, and you do not need to be defined by your experiences. Reminiscing about the past, however, often brings joy and comfort. In fact, studies have found that reminiscence can help relieve the symptoms of depression! The therapists at A Wiser Mind will help you recall and reflect upon your most cherished memories so that you can find happiness during tough times.

Certain memories, though, may overwhelm and alter your perception of your value, your safety, your passions, and goals. Our therapists also help work through those undesirable memories so that you can overcome and release any negativity. Once you’re at peace with any negative memories, you will be more open to creating new, happy memories.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, forming new memories is exciting…and an important part of healthy brain function. Even if old memories are becoming distant and hard to recall, our therapists can help you to make new memories that are just as important and meaningful as past memories are.

At A Wiser Mind, we created our Brain Activation Therapy program specifically to help individuals and families living with memory decline and memory loss.